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Marketing that Moves

Engage your audience. Not once or twice, but every week. Make your case and keep them engaged with the power of podcasts. When you partner with TrueChat, we manage everything end-to-end.

Welcome to podcasting as a service.


How it Works

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Everything is Handled for You

TrueChat takes care of all of the technical, posting, and promotional aspects. All you have to do is share your vision for your podcast with TrueChat's talented producers. Even if you don't know where to start, our team will work with you to develop a show plan before the first episode is ever posted.

The best part? Everything is included. At TrueChat, honesty and integrity are the bedrock of our mission. That's why our end-to-end program is designed to take care of everything you need to have a successful podcast.

Connect to your producer from the comfort of your office, record your podcast with a guest anywhere in the world, and then let TrueChat handle everything else.


The Power of Knowledge

Metrics are important, but analytics are valuable. At TrueChat we provide a monthly audience (metrics and analytics) report for our podcast partners.

  • Aggregated metrics from all platforms
  • Assessment of unique audience reach
  • A demographic extrapolation of your audience

We take all this valuable information and combine it with our years of experience in online media to provide constructive feedback and an analysis of your show each month.

  • What your podcast did notably well
  • Where your podcast can improve
  • How your podcast stacks up against other network shows and the industry
  • A plain-English conclusion to help you make sense of the report

no more guessing - the data you need - the partner you can trust

The Committee for Economic Development has been a partner of TrueChat for some time. We have always been pleased with their expertise in the publishing and promotion of our show...They have delivered on their audience promises every time and worked with us to address new challenges. TrueChat is a great partner to have.
— Joe DiBlasi | Committee for Economic Development

Podcast Plans

Every TrueChat Podcast Plan includes all of the features in "How it Works." The only difference is the number of episodes and the amount of promotion. Want to reach more people? No problem. You can add more promotion any time.

Silver Plan

Two episodes per month.

A minimum of 8,000 total listeners

4,000 people that are unique, real listeners per episode.


Gold Plan

Four episodes per month.

A minimum of 16,000 total listeners

4,000 people that are unique, real listeners per episode.


Bronze Plan

One episode per month.

A minimum of 4,000 people that are unique, real listeners per episode.


Get Started

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Looking for more than one episode per week (Gold Plan)? Fill out the "Get Started" form and one of our podcast specialists will be in touch to craft a custom solution!

Podcasts require a lot of work to setup and maintain. In order to provide you with the best service possible, we reserve your dedicated producer's time weeks and sometimes months in advance. Our team spends extensive time on your show plan (which is yours to keep) before your first episode is ever recorded. That is why all of our podcast plans run on six and twelve month contracts.

See our Podcasts in action

Do you want to see where your podcast will live, what it will sound like, and how people interact with it?

Head over to our main network site,, to see all of our latest original and partner content in action.

Common Questions

Do I have to buy equipment?
Nope. TrueChat will provide you with our state-of-the-art COMB Unit that has everything necessary to connect with a producer at TrueChat. All you need is a computer with a stable internet connection.

How can you guarantee a certain number of people will listen?
Great question! Unlike traditional media and advertising companies, we are committed to making your show a success so we keep promoting until we reach at least the minimum number of people we promised you.

Will it take a lot of time to plan and record episodes every week or month?
No because most of our clients record multiple episodes in one sitting so that they have four or more prerecorded. You just tell us in what order you want them released and we will make sure to post them at their scheduled time.

Every producer I have worked with at TrueChat is wonderful…because there is such a large variety of shows there is a pretty large variety of potential listeners to my own show. There is kind of a built in market there that we can target and speak with…I hope to be doing it for quite some time out into the future.
— Jon Umstead | Author & Host of Business is ART